Home Economics and Shop Classes

1950s housewife.png

Once upon a time, there was a division of the sexes, at least when it came to learning. Back in the day, girls were taught to cook and sew and boys were taught to build and fix things. During school hours, they attended classes that provided them with everything they needed to know to be good housekeepers and husbands, respectively. Home Economics and Shop classes were the norm not the exception not too long ago.

Skewed by gender, the classes supported the notion of females as nurturers and the ones that were responsible for the home, and males as the breadwinners, fixers of things and builders of items to be used in said home.

And while the gender bias in the classrooms of our youth may be questionable at best, there's something to be said for the lessons that were learned. Basic skills that have long since been replaced by more expensive proxies are sorely needed in this day an age, when generations of youth have as much difficulty frying an egg as they do sewing on a button.