45 RPM Singles


Before 99 cent digital downloads changed our listening habits, we stocked up on 45 RPM singles of our favourite new songs. The 45 RPM single had a good run as the way of getting that hot new song that you heard on the radio. Running to the record store, you could buy an inexpensive recording of the latest hit and, if you were lucky, might even enjoy the “B side”’ as well. Of course, you had to have one of these things or else you wouldn’t be able to play your record:


The Phone Booth

The Phone Booth

There was a time when this thing known as a “phone booth” offered many options to normal folks and superheroes alike. It allowed us to take shelter from the storm, to make a call in private and, in the case of Clark Kent, offered an impromptu yet functional change room at the side of the road. What’s not to like?

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