Were the "good old days" really so good? Was parenting easier back in the day or is that just an illusion? What about being a kid? Was it better then...or now? That's what I'm on a mission to find out in my new podcast, Parenting Then and Now. I've raised kids in four different decades: 80's, 90's, 00's and the 10's and boy, have things changed. Join me on this long strange trip, won't you?


Episode 26 - Have Kids, Will Travel

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When Natalie Preddie-Zamojc was a child, her parents took her on many trips to far-reaching locales. Her early exposure to different countries and cultures led her to her career today that includes frequent travel, with family in tow. On this episode of the Parenting Then and Now podcast, we learn about how one woman’s childhood experiences of family travel impacted her adult life, and how she’s raising her children to be worldwide travelers as well.



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