Episode 18 - You CAN Choose Your Family


Jacki Yovanoff grew up in the most conventional of conventional families. She went to Catholic school, her father worked outside the home and her mother stayed home with Jacki and her younger brother while the kids were young. Jackie completed high school, went to university, got married and had kids, "just like she was supposed to do."

It wasn't until a point in her marriage that she realized that the life she was living was not for her.

In a complete shift from the familial structure of her childhood, Jacki found happiness and contentment in a polyamorous relationship and continues to live her truth with her family that includes her two children from her first marriage and her partner's children as well.

In this episode of the podcast, Jacki shares her views on her lifestyle, how she became aware of the fact that she had choices beyond the traditional family structure in which she was raised, and much more.