Episode 17 - Love Thyself, New Mom

Maria Lianos Carbone.jpg

When Maria Lianos-Carbone was growing up, things were different, at least in her household. The child of Greek immigrant parents, Maria's perspective on motherhood was largely shaped by what she saw in her home - a seemingly effortless ability for her mother to take care of kids, the household and more. Stress and anxiety was not part of the picture, so when Maria had her own kids, she was not prepared for the feelings that engulfed her as a new mother.

Postpartum depression was very real for her, and though difficult at the outset, she got the help she needed and was able to thrive as a parent.

Maria's book - "Oh, Baby - A Mom's Self-Care Survival Guide For the First Year" provides information and advice to new moms about the importance of self-care, getting support and more.