Episode 26 - Have Kids, Will Travel

Natalie P. Headshot.jpg

When Natalie Preddie-Zamojc was growing up in London, U.K. then later in Cambridge, Ontario, she was atypical amongst her friends. You see, her parents were avid travelers and they had instilled the love of adventure in their kids through frequent family vacations. Their journeys throughout the world profoundly impacted Natalie, who started to travel as a young adult and hasn’t looked back since.

From her first trips to Southeast Asia and beyond, to her life-changing visit to Kenya which unexpectedly started her career in travel journalism, Natalie has continued to answer her wanderlust by pursuing ventures abroad. As a mother, she refuses to be told that she can’t travel due to family restrictions and packs up her family for almost every trip she takes.

On this episode of the Parenting Then and Now Podcast, we speak to Natalie about how her family upbringing informed her current career, her views on family travel and tips for families and parents who want to do the same - travel with babies and kids as stress-free as possible.

Sam and Natalie in the studio.

Sam and Natalie in the studio.