If you're on this page, you're probably wondering how and why the "Parenting Then and Now Podcast" came about. 

Let me fill you in :)

I'm Sam, and I've been writing a blog about parenting since 2011. The blog is called "Multiple Mayhem Mamma" and you can check it out here.


I'm the mother of four, and I have the unique (and perhaps dubious) distinction of having raised children in four decades: the '80's, the 90's, the 00's and the '10's. My kids range in age from adult (30's) to elementary school (identical twin boys) with a teenage girl in-between.

Cool, huh?

Anyway, since starting my blog, I've noticed that the subject matter of many of my posts often refer back to "the good old days," or how things used to be, back in the day.

Now - being a parent who grew up in the '70's, I've seen a lot of change. Everything from technology, to school to family life and more - it's so different now. And let's not even start to talk about digital and social media. Snapchat, anyone?

Suffice it to say that whether you're a kid or a parent or, perhaps, just someone who used to be a kid, life's is a challenge. And this reality makes more than a few of us crave for a more simple time.

Now - I'm sure that my memories have been skewed by the hands of time and perhaps things weren't so good way back when. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure they weren't. But they sure were more simple. Now that I'm raising kids in a time where Professor Google is the only game in town, and the Dewey Decimal System is but a distant memory, it's nice to think that there are others who remember a time where life was, well, so much less complicated than it is now.

Which leads us to this podcast.

"Parenting Then and Now" is all about the differences in how kids grew up then (and "then" is going to expand beyond my personal experience of growing up to various times in the past that illustrate just how far we've come - or not) and now.

I hope you'll join me on this groovy ride :)