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Episode 006 - Dr. Sean Hayes


Dr. Sean Hayes, Psychologist

Sean M. Hayes PsyD MA

Dr. Hayes is a Clinical Psychologist and Organizational Behavioural Change Expert who specializes in the area of “Stress and Coping.” More specifically, he addresses the effects that modern stresses have on our health,relationships and family dynamics, as well as how the impact of "continuous disruptive change” affects those in business and professional settings.


Dr. Hayes has over 25 years of clinical and consultation experience with leadership and teams in the Healthcare, Secondary and Post-Secondary Education, Information Technology, Government, Not-or-Profit, and Aerospace sectors. He provides professional consultation and guidance on facilitating effective behavioural change, building change readiness strengths in youth and among adults joining the workforce, and with teams undergoing corporate transformation.

Dr. Hayes regularly speaks at global conferences and addresses issues such as covert communications, team conflict, gender intelligence/gender role compliance, diversity, and work-life values. He is published author in peer reviewed clinical, health policy, and educational journals.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Hayes volunteers with his dog Wilber for the MUHC Pet Therapy program.

Contact Dr. Hayes at: