Were the "good old days" really so good? Was parenting easier back in the day or is that just an illusion? What about being a kid? Was it better then...or now? That's what I'm on a mission to find out in my new podcast, Parenting Then and Now. I've raised kids in four different decades: 80's, 90's, 00's and the 10's and boy, have things changed. Join me on this long strange trip, won't you?



Episode 19 - Technology is Optional

When Amber Mac was growing up in Prince Edward Island, the world was her oyster. An idyllic childhood that included lots of free time to play outside, to explore and to not be distracted by technology allowed the young girl to thrive in her environment.

As an adult, Amber MacArthur - "Amber Mac" - is an author, technology expert, frequent speaker, commentator, digital consultant and content creator among many things. And while Amber is the go-to person for all things tech, she, like all of us, must grapple with the effect of technology and its use on her nine-year-old son.






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